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Sport is a set of physical exercises practiced in the form of individual or group games that can give rise to competitions. Sport is an almost universal phenomenon in time and in human space. Ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Byzantium, the medieval then modern West, but also pre-Columbian America and Asia, are all marked by the importance of sport. Certain periods are especially marked by prohibitions.

Modern sport is defined by four essential elements:

  • The implementation of one or more physical qualities: activities of endurance, resistance, strength, coordination, skill, flexibility, etc.
  • An institutionalized activity, its rules tend to be the same for the whole planet
  • A practice mainly oriented towards competition
  • A federated practice (under the supervision of a sports federation)

These pillars, which above all highlight the organization of the various sports disciplines, do not in any way exclude practices such as leisure sports, adventure sports, health sports, school sports or physical and sports education. If competition is predominant, there are however other forms of practice that put more emphasis on pleasure, health, education or fulfillment.

Cuju or Ts'u Ch€ is an ancient ball game with similarities to football.

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J’amène mon chien à la salle de sport

Léo TechMaker : J’amène mon chien à la salle de sport.. :D
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