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Fashion (or fashions), and more precisely sartorial fashion, refers to the way of dressing, in accordance with the taste of an era in a given region. It is a phenomenon involving the collective through society, the gaze it sends back, the codes it imposes and individual taste.

Fashion is one of the most powerful industries in the world: it represents 6% of global consumption and is growing steadily1.

Luxury (lat. Luxus) is the way of life consisting in spending lavish and superfluous expenses, in order to surround oneself with sumptuous refinement or out of pure taste for ostentation, as opposed to factors which only belong to strict necessity. By extension, luxury also designates all the elements and practices that make it possible to achieve this standard of living. The uselessness aspect of luxury is at the basis of the expression "This is luxury!" , Familiar in its use to qualify something superfluous. A luxury product refers to a product of very high quality, refined, expensive and rare, even if nowadays the borders of luxury are deliberately blurred by companies marketing products and services.

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