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The hotel industry, also called the hotel industry, is an activity belonging to the tertiary sector which brings together all the establishments that offer a reception service? shelter and / or food? to customers, passing through or locals, for a fixed period, in exchange for a contribution. This activity is often associated with two others giving the ?hotel-catering-cafes? sector (commonly called HORECA), or at the international level, according to the International Labor Office, to the wider sector of ?hotels, restaurants and restaurants. tourism ?(HRT).

The term designates throughout history a place of reception and catering, in particular traders and travelers, which we find today attached to "hotel". During the medieval period in the Christian West, this hospitality was organized by the Church. From the beginning of the 19th century, the hotel industry underwent an evolution by distinguishing the reception of travelers according to their social origin. Finally, with the development of tourism, the hotel industry is becoming a real player in this new sector.

A restaurant is a business establishment where prepared meals and drinks are served on the premises, in exchange for payment.

The food here is usually prepared by a chef. The term covers a multiplicity of places and a great diversity of types of cuisine, both local and foreign. Restaurants are sometimes the device reserved for serving meals within a larger entity (hotel, university, airport, etc.), so we speak of a collective restaurant as opposed to a kitchen site. They can also be associated with a catering or grocery store activity. The restaurant offers more or less comfort conditions, and the catering is said to be ?fast? when the customer can order and eat in a few minutes or tens of minutes, possibly standing up.

A pub (a word of Anglo-Saxon origin coming from public house1) is an establishment where one consumes generally alcoholic drinks (beer, whiskey) which is found in large numbers in Great Britain, Ireland, and Britain but which has also exported to other Anglo-Saxon countries such as Australia. It is part of the tradition of British living, where it is customary to go to the pub in the evening for a drink with friends. It is also possible to eat there: most pubs also serve hot meals. You have to be of legal age (18) to be able to enter a pub and drink alcohol.

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