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In philosophy, the word culture designates that which is different from nature.

In sociology, as in ethology, culture is defined more narrowly as "what is common to a group of individuals" and as "what unites it", that is to say what is learned, transmitted. , produced and invented. Thus, for an international institution like UNESCO: "In its broadest sense, culture can today be considered as the set of distinctive features, spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional, which characterize a society or a group. social. It encompasses, in addition to the arts, letters and sciences, ways of life, laws, value systems, traditions and beliefs. This "common reservoir" evolves over time through and in the forms of exchanges. It is constituted in multiple distinct ways of being, thinking, acting and communicating in society.

The performing arts1 is characterized by the co-presence of actors (those who give to see and hear) and an audience (those who have accepted to see and hear).

In this, the live performance designates many modes of artistic expression: theater, dance, circus arts, street arts, puppetry arts, opera, street performance and live music. .

The theater (Listening) is both the art of the representation of a drama or a comedy, a particular literary genre, and the building in which the theater performances take place1. We also speak of a dramatic genre.

Dance is the art of moving the human body, made up of a series of ordered movements, often punctuated by music.

A circus is a troupe of artists, traditionally traveling, which most often includes acrobats, offers animal training and taming acts and gives clowns shows and magic tricks. More generally in the 21st century, the circus is a popular live show organized around a circular stage. The term circus comes from the Latin circus, in reference to a circular enclosure.

Street theater is a form of spectacle and theatrical performance performed in a public space, usually outdoors. The artists play with the street, use it as a backdrop and include in their performance the impulses coming from the outside, in particular from the public. Otherwise, they only transport their creations intended for the stage to the open air1.

A puppet is an articulated or non-articulated figurine, made of wood, cardboard or all other kinds of materials (bone, leather or terracotta), handled by one or more people (the puppeteers), traditionally hidden in a castelet.

An opera is a musical and theatrical work for an orchestra and singers, built on a libretto that features characters and their stories, where the roles are sung. Opera is one of the lyrical art forms of Western musical theater.

Street performance consists of performing in public places, generally in exchange for a coin, sometimes for a good, or sometimes on a voluntary basis during an event. This form of spectacle has been practiced all over the world since Antiquity.

A concert is a musical performance of one or more musicians? singers or instrumentalists ?, in public, free or not, in a place set up for this occasion? a room, a garden, a church, a square, etc.

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