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A journalist is a person who collects or researches, verifies and writes then distributes information on any type of media medium (written press, radio, TV and new information and communication technologies of the Web).

Communication is the set of interactions with others that transmit any information. A distinction is made between interpersonal communication, group communication and mass communication, that is to say all the means and techniques allowing the dissemination of a social organization's message to a large audience.

It also concerns human beings, animals, plants (intra- or inter-species communication) or machines (telecommunications, new technologies?), As well as their hybrids: man-animal, man-technology? It is a science shared by several disciplines which does not meet a single definition.

Information and communication technologies (ICT: transcription of English information and communication technologies, ICT) is an expression, mainly used in academia, to refer to the field of telematics, i.e. computer, audiovisual, multimedia, Internet and telecommunications techniques which allow users to communicate, access sources of information, store, manipulate, produce and transmit information information in different forms: text, music, sound, image, video and interactive graphical interface (HMI). Legal and regulatory texts use the expression electronic communications.

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of this section.. Libération Soutenez une rédaction libre et engagée.

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