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Trade refers to the economic activity of purchasing and reselling goods and services, in particular purchasing with the aim of reselling for profit or profit.

Commerce has its own laws which are collected in the Commercial Code and its own national or international jurisdictions. Having other purposes than making a profit, many economic or professional activities such as education, police, culture, medicine, justice, architecture, religion, etc. do not come under the domain of commerce, but of laws and civil or administrative courts. With its powerful opinion leaders, the World Trade Organization strives to extend its competence and its principles of profitability to all non-commercial activities by contesting their right to have laws and disinterested values.

A sale is an agreement by which the seller undertakes to deliver a good or service, and the buyer to pay for it. In other words, a sale is the operation whereby a good or a right held by a seller is transferred to a buyer for a sum of money (sale price). When the consideration is not money, then it is not a sale but an exchange or barter.

The sale is a set of actions and steps taken by a salesperson (representative, seller, broker) with the aim of concluding a sales contract with a customer.

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